Selected Collections

The Boston Public Library, Print Department, MA

Mr. & Mrs. Henry Chalfant

Cranbrook Academy of Art, MI

The Estate of Derek Jones, NY

Demi Moore, ID

Eastern Michigan University, MI

The Forum Gallery. NY

Hirshhorn Museum, DC

The Hotchkiss School, CT

Mr. & Mrs. Rungwe Kingdon, UK

Memphis College of Art, TN

Prospect Park, New York Historical Society, NY

Steuben Glass, Corning Museum, Corning, NY

The University Liggett School, MI

University of Massachusetts at Amherst, MA

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Weil, MO

Wynton Marsalis, NY

Ms. Nina Bohlen 

Ms. Shellie Archbold

Mr. Lynn Harrell & Ms. Helen Nightengale

Mr. & Mrs.David Gamper

Mr. David Van Vactor

Ms. Bodie Brizendine & William Bullard

Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Miller

Ms. Diane Lampert & Mr. Fred Stuart

Dr. Karen Feibusch

Dr. & Mrs. Norman Boyd

Ms. Nora Pierson

Ms. Elissa Weaver

Mr. & Mrs. Paolo Adami

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Trythall

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hinkle

Mr. & Mrs. Hyman Bloom

Mr. Peter Smith

Dr. & Mrs. Richard Eaton

Drs. Carrie & Alton Barron

Mr. & Mrs. Eric Lidow

Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Bomer

Mr. & Mrs.William Boland

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Allured

Mr. & Mrs. Arvid Schmalz

Mr. Julius Schmidt

Mr. & Mrs. David Flaharty

Selected Exhibitions

2003 The Royal Academy, London, United Kingdom

2003 The Society of Portrait Sculptors, 50th Anniversary,* prize awarded, London, UK

2003 The Sigurjon Olafsson Sculpture Museum, Reykjavik, Iceland

2003 The Armory Art Center Master Artists, West Palm Beach, FL

2002 Pangolin Gallery, Sterling Stuff – 50 commissioned artists, UK

2002, 1982, 1980 National Academy of Design, The 177th Invitational

2002 Andrews Gallery, William & Mary College, Williamsburg, VA

1989 The Hotchkiss School, Lakeville, CT

1988 Boston Public Library, Wiggin Gallery, Boston, MA

1987 DeCordova & Dana Museum and Boston Public Library, Lincoln, MA

1987 Memorial Art Gallery, University of Rochester, NY

1986, 1970, 1969 Boston University Art Gallery, Boston University, Boston, MA

1985 Van Buren, Brazelton, and Cutting Gallery Cambridge, MA

1984 Silo Gallery, New Milford, CT

1984 Artists Choice Museum, New York, NY

1982, 1973, 1971, 1965 Cranbrook Galleries Bloomfield Hills, MI

1981, 1976 Boston Athenaeum Gallery, Boston, MA

1981 Canton Art Institute, Canton, OH

1981 Lakeview Center for the Arts and Sciences, Peoria, IL

1980 Corning Museum, Corning, NY

1980, 1977, 1976 Forum Gallery, New York, NY

1980 Memorial Art Gallery University of Rochester, NY

1980 Smithsonian Museum, Washington, D.C.

1980 Pratt Galleries, New York, NY

1980, 1977, 1976 Forum Gallery, New York, NY

1979 College of St. Rose, Albany, NY

1979 University of Rochester, Rochester, NY

1979 University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AK

1978 Museum of Fine Arts, Springfield, MA

1978 Smithsonian, Washington, DC

1977 Weatherspoon Gallery, University of North Carolina, Greensboro, NC

1977 Impressions Workshop Gallery, Boston, MA

1977 Ingbar Gallery, New York, NY

1976 The DeCordova Museum, Lincoln, MA

1975 Garden Gallery, Raleigh, NC

1975 Inco-Art Roma, Rome, Italy

1974 USIS, Rome, Italy

1972, 1973 Tyler School of Art, Rome, Italy

1971 Pine Manor Junior College, Boston, MA

1970 Brockton Art Museum, Brockton, MA

1968 & 1967 Alpha Gallery, Boston, MA

1968 Mount Herman School, Boston, MA

1967 & 1966 American Academy in Rome, Rome, Italy

1966, 1965 Mid-South Show, Memphis, TN

1965, 1964 Detroit Art Institute, Detroit, MI

1965 Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, MI

1962 Young Americans-A Smithsonian Museum Traveling Exhibit